My first published novel is a paranormal suspense eco-mystery, Green Magic. (Please click the image below to be taken to the Amazon store appropriate to your country.)

Front cover of Green Magic, a paranormal suspense mystery novel

When nature strikes back…. who will survive?

Rebecca always dreamed of living in the countryside. Now a job move brings her to the outskirts of Ockstead village. Green spaces surround her, and life is hopeful, as she meets Sheelagh and her friends: people with a shared interest in ecology and ancient places. Everything is perfect – or would be, if not for the strange things happening on Rebecca’s estate. Oddities that apparently centre around a local resident.

The man reveals that Sheelagh and her circle are Wiccans. Disillusioned and hurt, Rebecca turns to James, the local vet, for support. After a breath-taking encounter on Mayday, she is shocked to discover she is pregnant. But who is the father of her child: James, or a mysterious figure that haunts local lanes? And who is trying to enslave the supernatural forces of the Green Man, consort of Gaia, the Earth Goddess? That act of pride and greed will finally goad the spirit of the Earth to strike back against humanity.

As the stakes are raised to the ultimate, Sheelagh fights to save those she loves, but will Rebecca accept her help in time?

A paranormal suspense mystery novel set in an alternative 1994, featuring the Green Man and set against a background of environmental catastrophe.


murder, blood, dubious consent, explicit sex, animal death, pandemic